How Calculus differs from Algebra

How Calculus differs from Algebra

Mathematics is part of life that you cannot avoid because you are faced with calculations each day. There are numbers that you must work on like the number of people to prepare a meal for, and the amount of money to spend doing something. You will work on how much time you will take to reach your destination, and all that is Mathematics which you must work on to manage your time well. Being taught Maths in schools makes it easier to understand and know how to handle numbers. Calculus and Algebra are part of the branches that make up Mathematics that are some time used individually or dependently to solve problems.

Algebra is a branch of pure

Algebra is a branch of pure Mathematics that deal with rule of operations, and how they are applied to solving different equations. It is among the oldest divisions that studies what happens when you come up with operations to solve something else apart from numbers. Letters are used as a representation of digits that are put together according to how Mathematics states. Algebra is categorized into different groups, and the first is Elementary algebra where variables represent numbers. Abstract algebra studies different classifications of algebra, and it’s also known as modern algebra. Every category bases on a different study of algebra to help you understand what the branch is all about.

Calculus focuses on studying change of

Calculus focuses on studying change of limits, functions, derivatives, and integrals. There are more detailed courses that are used in other subjects like Science and Physics, and other fields. You find problems that cannot be solved using algebra, and that is where Calculus comes in. Calculus helps you get the rate at which a variable with change with comparison to others. Such factors are demand, supply, cost of production, temperature, pressure, and other variable that need you to analyze first. Calculus has only two branches which are integral and differential calculus. The difference in the two branches comes in according to where they are used, and how you handle them.

How Calculus differs from Algebra

One difference is that algebra is used in everyday life which means it’s not all about studying it in class lessons. Calculus on the other hand is applied in complicated problems, and professional fields like Business, Science and Engineering. That means if you have to understand Calculus and how to solve it, you must understand the details after taking time. Algebra is old and has been used in Maths, but for calculus, it is new and current. Another difference is that algebra studies how different cases relate while calculus deals with change and variation.

When you apply algebra to a problem, it can help you get the value of a function at a certain point. Calculus is different since you get the limit of a function as you get to a given point. Algebra for example is used to solve problems that deal with time and speed after you form an equation. You will have to come up with an equation first if you want to see how long it took two cars travelling from different destinations to pass through a particular point or to meet. When you want to find out what will happen to something like demand when it’s approaching a set price, you use calculus.

In graphing, you use algebra to get the slope or gradient of a line, but to get the slope of a curve, you use calculus. You apply algebra to get the rate of change between two points, and calculus helps you get the change rate at one particular point. An example is when you want to get the difference in speed that a traveller used when passing different towns. Calculus helps you get difference that occurs at once and at what rate between two variables. Algebra helps you get the total distance around a circumference using a given formula. You can also be provided with an answer, and you are asked to get a value that you use to get to the answer.

For such a case, you must form an algebraic expression, and when you move to curves, you use calculus to get the area or the curving. These two branches differ in some way even if people tend to confuse them, but for calculus, the problems are complex unlike those of algebra.

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